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24k gold pyramid

24k Gold Pyramids

Aurum & Crystallini is proud to offer the rarest and most luxurious jewelry. Our 24k gold pyramid, weighing 7 grams of solid gold, is a true testament to the quality and craftsmanship we stand for.


We believe that every piece of jewelry should be an investment, and we are committed to bringing our customers the best value for their money. From the simplest designs to the most complex creations, we are here to provide our customers with lifelong treasures.

Investment Collection

About 24k Gold Jewelry

Why Buy 24k Gold?

Opting for 24k gold over 10k gold involves a deliberate choice for unparalleled purity and exceptional quality. While 10k gold contains only 41.7% pure gold, the entirety of 24k gold consists of 99.9% pure gold, resulting in a deeper color and a more opulent, radiant luster. Moreover, this heightened purity endows 24k gold with a significantly greater intrinsic value, making it a truly worthwhile investment that retains its significance over the years, never diminishing in importance.

Additionally, 24k gold jewelry boasts superior durability compared to pieces crafted with 10k gold. With a higher concentration of precious metal, 24k gold jewelry exhibits a reduced risk of discoloration or tarnishing, ensuring that these cherished items retain their allure and appeal even after decades of wear. Whether passed down as a cherished inheritance through numerous generations or worn as a cherished personal adornment on special occasions, 24k gold jewelry stands as enduring heirlooms of immeasurable value.

24k gold pyramid

Experience the radiance of genuine gold with our exclusive 24k gold necklace and pendant collection. Meticulously crafted, our 24k gold pendants feature intricate 3D designs tailored to perfectly complement each stone, capturing the essence of every piece with unparalleled detail. Paired with our exquisite 24k gold necklaces, these creations epitomize a harmonious blend of strength and beauty.

We have 22k necklaces available on request and they can be paired with a 24k gold pyramid with no problem. Choose our gold pyramid as a pendant or just as a piece to make your investment collection a little bit more creative.

24k gold brick

- 24k Gold Collection -

24k = 999.9% Pure Gold

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