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Introducing Aurum & Crystallini's premium 24k gold chess set, a luxurious blend of art and classic strategy, designed to elevate your gaming experience. Each chess piece is masterfully crafted from solid 24k gold, offering unmatched elegance and sophistication. Please note that all weights are approximate and textures may vary, adding to the uniqueness of each piece.

The foundation of your chess army, the Pawn weighs an approximate 2 grams of pure gold. As the foot soldier of your gilded battalion, its exquisite design showcases the dedication and artistry that goes into crafting each piece in the set.

The Rook, a powerful symbol of protection and authority, has an approximate weight of 3 grams. This fortress of strength and stability is skillfully designed with intricate detailing, embodying the essence of strategy and resilience.

Our 24k gold Knight has an estimated weight of 3 grams. Elegantly designed, the Knight's signature horse motif is intricately crafted to emphasize the grace and intelligence of this versatile chess piece.

The Bishop, representing the strategic and tactical mind, has an approximate weight of 2.5 grams. Its exceptional design captures the essence of cunning and foresight, with a beautifully sculpted gold mitre as its crowning feature.

As the most powerful piece on the board, the Queen has an estimated weight of 3 grams. A true symbol of elegance and sophistication, the 24k gold Queen features an intricate crown design and a commanding presence that dominates the battlefield.

The ultimate symbol of victory and leadership, the King weighs approximately 3 grams. Its masterful design showcases the iconic cross at its apex, representing the culmination of strategy, wisdom, and authority in the game of chess.

Aurum & Crystallini's luxurious 24k gold chess pieces combine the age-old art of chess with the unmatched brilliance of pure gold. Indulge in a gaming experience fit for royalty and let your strategy shine with this truly exceptional and opulent chess set. Each piece is unique, boasting its own distinct texture, making your chess set a one-of-a-kind treasure.

Weights are approximate and textures may vary

24k Gold Chess Set/ Individual Pieces


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