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18k gold necklace

18k Gold Jewelry

The realm of fine jewelry is home to 18k gold which is the epitome of luxury and grace. With its glowing color and lasting character, 18 karat gold is made up of 75% pure gold blended with other precious metal alloys. This careful mixing not only increases the durability of the gold but also gives it a special shine and richness that catches people’s attention.

Any item made from 18k bears the unmistakable stamp of superior workmanship and meticulous attention to detail. Ranging from stunning necklaces, dainty bracelets to exquisite earrings, each item has an ageless quality that is above fashion.

Using 3D we are known for creating unique masterpieces of any size with incredible detail. 

About 18k Gold Jewelry

Why Buy 18k Gold?

​Selecting 18k gold instead of 10k gold involves deciding how pure and quality the jewelry will be. Unlike 10k gold that contains 41.7% of pure gold, the presence of this same amount in 18k ensures that its color is deeper while its luster is more luxurious and sparkling. More so, this extra amount of metal makes it have a higher intrinsic value, as such becoming a worthwhile investment over years within which it never loses its importance.

Apart from that, 18K gold jewellery is sturdier when compared to the one made with 10K. With much more metallic content in the jewellery, the lower probability for discoloration or tarnishing thus making sure that such valuable items remain attractive and appealing even after some decades. Whether to give an inheritance passed on through many generations or even something special worn occasionally as a personal adornment- all these are long lasting heirlooms having endless worth.

18k gold necklace

Get the shine of real gold with our 18k gold necklace and pedant collection, our 18k Gold Pendants are made with 3D design to fit each stone perfectly and to capture the detail of any piece created. With each one being complemented by our splendid 18k gold necklaces, they are all about strength and beauty.

Every item is crafted from the finest 18k gold that ensures both exceptional quality and undeniable appeal ranging from slight bracelets to enthralling earrings.

Our 18k gold necklace collection will last a lifetime. 

We can custom design pieces that are large or that are small and classy. We accept all ideas and projects, feel free to message our team!

18k gold solid jewelry

- 18k Gold Collection -

18k = 75% Pure Gold

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