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Introducing the Aurum & Crystallini Gold Brick Collection: a selection of expertly crafted gold bricks designed to suit your individual investment needs. Select from our assortment of premium sizes and elevate your wealth portfolio with the unrivaled sophistication and prestige of pure gold.

Assured best price per gram on Etsy! Our bars are neither plated nor filled; they are made of solid gold.


The 5g Brick (16x6x3 mm): A small yet potent addition to your investment collection, the 5g brick is ideal for those seeking a compact and easily transportable asset. Despite its diminutive size, it embodies the same caliber of quality and refinement as our larger offerings.

The 10g Brick (20x8x3.8 mm): Offering double the weight of the 5g brick, the 10g option presents a more considerable investment in gold while preserving a sleek and manageable form. Perfect for those aiming to diversify their portfolio with a moderate but meaningful addition.

The 15g Brick (24x9x4.3 mm): Achieving equilibrium between size and value, the 15g brick caters to investors pursuing a mid-sized gold asset. It features a notable weight, making it a significant enhancement to your wealth portfolio.


The 30g Brick (30x11.5x5.5 mm): Our most substantial offering, the 30g brick, is tailored for those who aspire to a more sizeable investment in gold. Its commanding size and weight render it an emblem of wealth and accomplishment, fitting for those seeking an ample addition to their collection.


Each Aurum & Crystallini gold brick is embellished with our logo discreetly engraved on the underside, a symbol of the authenticity and outstanding craftsmanship synonymous with our brand. Rely on Aurum & Crystallini for a polished and secure gold investment experience that merges opulence and financial acumen.

24k Gold Brick/Bar

    • Customizable Silver or Gold Coin
    • Choice of finest quality silver or gold material
    • Personalized with your unique logo
    • Dimensions: 30mm diameter x 3mm thickness
    • Weight: Approximately 18g (silver option)
    • Gold option weight may vary depending on material density
    • Intricate pattern design on the back side
    • Skillful engraving and craftsmanship
    • Ideal for corporate gifts, promotional items, or commemorative pieces
    • Timeless and sophisticated design
    • Durable and long-lasting quality

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