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Introducing the enchanting Gold Dreamcatcher Pendant by Aurum & Crystallini – an alluring fusion of tradition and luxury that will captivate your spirit and elevate your style. This exquisitely crafted pendant showcases the mesmerizing beauty of three different gold hues, creating a truly unique and irresistible piece of jewelry.


The dreamcatcher pendant, meticulously designed in radiant yellow gold, pays homage to the mystical talisman believed to protect its wearer from bad dreams and negative energy. The 16mm wide and 30mm high pendant features a stunning woven web, a symbol of strength and unity, intricately detailed to catch the eye and the imagination.


Hanging gracefully from the dreamcatcher, three exquisite feathers – each in a different color gold – dance and shimmer with your every move. The vibrant yellow gold feather represents the warmth of the sun, while the cool white gold feather signifies the calming energy of the moon. Finally, the alluring rose gold feather embodies the passion and vitality of life itself. Together, these feathers create a breathtaking tricolor effect that showcases the unmatched beauty of gold in all its forms.


The Gold Dreamcatcher Pendant comes with a delicate yet strong 18-inch chain, perfectly designed to complement the pendant's elegance and ensure a comfortable fit. Weighing a total of 2.4 grams, this fine piece of jewelry offers a luxurious feel without being too heavy on your neckline.


Elevate your jewelry collection with the Aurum & Crystallini Gold Dreamcatcher Pendant – a symbol of protection, beauty, and luxury that transcends time and trends. This enchanting piece is not just an exquisite accessory but also a meaningful keepsake to be cherished for generations to come.

Gold Dreamcatcher Pendant With Feathers - 3 Tone (Rose, White, Yellow Gold)

    • Material: Yellow, white, and rose gold
    • Pendant dimensions: 16mm width x 30mm height
    • Chain length: 18 inches
    • Total weight: 2.4 grams
    • Design: Dreamcatcher with tricolor feathers
    • Theme: Mystical talisman for protection
    • Style: Elegant and luxurious accessory

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